Sentence Examples with the word trogon

There is one trogon - green and crimson, a brightly coloured ground thrush (Pitta), numerous woodpeckers and barbets; glossy starlings, the black and white African crow and a great variety of brilliantly coloured weaver birds, waxbills, shrikes and sun-birds.

Col., 372), who, however, mistakenly thought it was the same as the Trogon pavoninus, a congeneric but quite distinct species from Brazil, that had just been described by Spix.

But his principal work was Historiae Philippicae in forty-four In the trogon of Cuba, Prionotelus, they are most curiously scooped out, as it were, at the extremity, and the lateral pointed ends diverge in a way almost unique among birds.

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Gould, in the Zoological Proceedings for 18 35 (p. 29), while pointing out Temminck's error, gave the species the name of Trogon resplendens, which it bore for some time.