Sentence Examples with the word triumphal

Heron de Villefosse, who has laid bare a beautiful temple of Jupiter, a triumphal arch of Caracalla, a Byzantine basilica and the gate of the Byzantine general Solomon.

Great voices in heaven singing a triumphal song in anticipation of the victory that is speedily to be achieved.

As devout Eckerman lifted the linen sheet from the naked corpse of Goethe, he was overwhelmed with the massive chest of the man, that seemed as a Roman triumphal arch.

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Basil Valentine alludes to it in his Triumphal Car of Antimony (circa 'boo), and at a later date describes the preparation of the metal.

A triumphal arch at Vesontio (Besancon), which in return for this service was made a colony, possibly commemorates this victory.

At the age of twenty he served his apprenticeship as a soldier under Tiberius, and was rewarded with the triumphal insignia for his services in crushing the revolt in Dalmatia and Pannonia.

Augustus witnessed the triumphal procession, and Tiberius, as it turned from the Forum to ascend the Capitol, halted, descended from his triumphal car, and did reverence to his adopted father.

Close to the cathedral there is a triumphal arch decorated with bas-reliefs known as the Porte Noire, which is generally considered to have been built in commemoration of the victories of Marcus Aurelius over the Germans in 167.

He received considerable aid from Shah Ismael of Persia, and in 1511 made a triumphal entry into Samarkand.

Access from the city to the Alhambra Park is afforded by the Puerta de las Granadas (Gate of Pomegranates), a massive triumphal arch dating from the i 5th century.