Sentence Examples with the word tripod

So, with his own hands he carried the golden tripod to the little house where Thales lived.

After chewing the sacred bay and drinking of the spring Cassotis, which was conducted into the temple by artificial channels, she took her seat on the sacred tripod in the inner shrine.

Leave the tripod in my care until we get an answer.

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The student must therefore resort to what may be called a tripod of evidence, derived from the available facts of embryology, comparative anatomy and palaeontology.

Cornelius Sulla for the payment of his soldiers; Nero removed no fewer than 500 bronze statues from the sacred precincts; Constantine the Great enriched his new city by the sacred tripod and its support of intertwined snakes dedicated by the Greek cities after the battle of Plataea.

Then the governor told him how the tripod had been found, and how the oracle had said that it must be given to the wisest of the wise.

But it held a beautiful golden tripod that was worth more than a thousand fishes.

One tripod thus affords a firm base of support while the legs of the other tripod are brought forward to their new positions.

So they carried the tripod to the governor, and each told his story.

At an early period Halicarnassus was a member of the Doric Hexapolis, which included Cos, Cnidus, Lindus, Camirus and Ialysus; but one of the citizens, Agasicles, having taken home the prize tripod which he had won in the Triopian games instead of dedicating it according to custom to the Triopian Apollo, the city was cut off from the league.