Sentence Examples with the word trioxide

Gin, L'Electricien, 1903, 2 5, p. 5); and by the electrolysis of vanadium trioxide when heated in an evacuated glass tube (W.

Chromium trioxide dissolves readily in water, and the solution is supposed to contain chromic acid, H 2 CrO 4; the salts of this acid are known as the chromates.

Rawson, by the conversion of pure ammonium bichromate into the trioxide (Journal of Chem.

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Sodium bichromate, Na 2 Cr 2 0 7.2H 2 0, may be obtained by the addition of the requisite quantity of chromium trioxide to a solution of sodium chromate.

It is insoluble in water and unaffected by most reagents, but when heated in a current of steam or boiled for some time with a caustic alkali, slowly decomposes with evolution of ammonia and the formation of boron trioxide or an alkaline borate; it dissolves slowly in hydrofluoric acid.

It is decomposed readily into sulphur trioxide and oxygen when heated.

It is not volatile below a white heat, and consequently, if heated with salts of more volatile acids, it expels the acid forming oxide from such salts; for example, if potassium sulphate be heated with boron trioxide, sulphur trioxide is liberated and potassium borate formed.

Soc., 1907, 91, p. 1862) obtained nitrogen trioxide in the gaseous form by volatilizing the liquid under special conditions.

BORIC ACID, or Boracic Acid, H 3 B0 3, an acid obtained by dissolving boron trioxide in water.

It is insoluble in acids and exists in several hydrated forms. The osmiates, corresponding to the unknown trioxide 0503, are red or green coloured salts; the solutions are only stable in the presence of excess of caustic alkali; on boiling an aqueous solution of the potassium salt it decomposes readily, forming a black precipitate of osmic acid, H20s04.