Sentence Examples with the word trim

He held a parliament at Trim which made one law against men of English race wearing moustaches, lest they should be mistaken for Irishmen, and another obliging the sons of agricultural labourers to follow their father's vocation under pain of fine and imprisonment.

The black frame with its hunter green trim rested on blocks right now.

Her face was flushed from the fight with Jenn while her trim body was close enough for her breasts to rub his arm when she breathed in.

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Harriers are a smaller breed of foxhounds, distinguished by their pointed ears, as it is not the custom to trim these.

The fur is most highly esteemed in Russia and China; in the latter country it is used to trim mandarins' state robes.

Carmen had Penny in the stanchion and was straddling her, trying to trim one hoof when the little doe simply lay down.

She helped Destiny into a frilly white dress with yellow trim and they both finished up with white sandals.

In 1759 he wrote a skit on a quarrel between Dean Fountayne and Dr Topham, a York lawyer, over the bestowal of an office in the gift of the archbishop. This sketch, in which Topham figures as Trim the sexton, and the author as Lorry Slim, gives an earnest of Sterne's powers as a humorist.

Well, one day we lowered for a pod of four or five whales, and my boat fastened to one of them; a regular circus horse he was, too, that went milling and milling round so, that my boat's crew could only trim dish, by sitting all their sterns on the outer gunwale.

Fedilmid, a brother of the monarch, is represented as having made over his estate at Trim to the saint to found a church, and thus the faith was established within Loigaire's territory.