Sentence Examples with the word trickle

She was meant to be his, this he didn't doubt, though he couldn't stop the trickle of unease that warned him she may not be able to adjust to their world as easily as he wished.

For the first time since he began his sick games, Jenn felt genuine fear trickle through her.

Arrangements of limestone wherever its waters can trickle and drip.

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Sofia shivered, unable to help the trickle of fear and pure hatred for the sick creature who tortured Darian.

He became aware of the subtle movement of air beneath the front door, the cloudlike cloak clenched in his left hand and gritty dirt beneath his right, the trickle of blood down his throat to his gullet.

He felt the tears trickle under his spectacles and hoped they would not be noticed.

A trickle of jealousy moved through her, but she dismissed it, unwilling to think about the woman he'd slept with less than two weeks before.

A trickle of relief went through him as he realized he was able to fix one of the many issues he faced.

Beads of sweat trickle down his face, despite the chill of the Welsh autumn evening.

Sand had already begun to trickle into the bottom.