Sentence Examples with the word triad

Together with Sin and Ishtar, Shamash forms a second triad by the side of Anu, Bel and Ea.

There may have been an earlier temple here, but the present structure, dedicated to the Theban triad of Ammon, Mut and Khons, was erected by Amenophis III.

Each of the three must have been regarded in his centre as the most important member in a larger or smaller group, so that their union in a triad marks also the combination of the three distinctive pantheons into a harmonious whole.

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ANU, a Babylonian deity, who, by virtue of being the first figure in a triad consisting of Anu, Bel and Ea, came to be regarded as the father and king of the gods.

It is tempting to try to correlate the members of this triad with the individual members of the older triad.

The oxide NO 2 must be regarded as another instance of a compound in which an odd number of affinities of one of the contained elements are disengaged, since it contains two atoms of dyad oxygen united with a single atom of triad or pentad nitrogen.

There are several dialects, the construction resembling Fijian, as in the pronominal suffixes in singular, triad and plural; the numerals, however, are Polynesian in character.

Wunsch, Sethianische Verfluchungstafeln (Leipzig, 1898), Ioo sqq., and for a Carthaginian triad of the under world (cf.

With Zeus and Apollo, she forms a triad which represents the embodiment of all divine power.

It would seem from this that the grouping of the divine powers recognized in the universe into a triad symbolizing the three divisions, heavens, earth and the watery deep, was a process of thought which had taken place before the third millennium.