Sentence Examples with the word trespass

You're my best assassin, and you're the only one who can trespass in Hell and return.

Moawiya, disregarding his son Yazid's advice that he should exact condign punishment for Zobair's disrespect, replied in flattering terms, regretting the trespass and resigning both slaves and estate to Zobair.

No truthful man, however much he may love the bird, will gainsay the depredations on fruit and eggs that it at times commits; but the gardeners and gamekeepers of Britain, instead of taking a few simple steps to guard their charge from injury, deliberately adopt methods of wholesale destruction - methods that in the case of this species are only too easy and too effectual--by proffering temptation to trespass which it is not in jay-nature to resist, and accordingly the bird runs great chance of total extirpation.

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Mesne profits are profits derived from land whilst in wrongful possession, and may be claimed in damages for trespass either in a separate action or joined with an action for the recovery of the land.

Dean considered mentioning Martha's discovery of bones but decided not trespass on Jake Weller's vacation.

Of course it is to be noted that the edge of the cutting tool is never allowed to trespass upon a line which the exigencies of the design require to be solid.

Which means I can forgive any trespass she may have committed.