Sentence Examples with the word tres

Massaria, De peste (Venice, 1597); Diomedes Amicus, Tres tractatus (Venice, 1599), 4to; Victor de Bonagentibus, Decem problemata de peste (Venice, 1556), 8vo; Georgius Agricola, De peste libri tres (Basel, 1554) 8vo.

In the third generation Caspar Thomeson (1655-1738), son of Thomas, also taught anatomy at Copenhagen, his name being associated with the description of one of the ducts of the sublingual gland and of the glandulae Bartholini, while his younger brother, Thomas (16J9-1690), was a student of northern antiquities who published Antiquitatum Danicarum libri tres in 1689.

Mount Aguita is 20,600 ft., and the Bolivia culminating peak of those of Tres Cruces reaches 22,658 ft.

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Maria B uenos x4 Tres m Samborombon Bay Cabo.

The Apologie ou defence du tres illustre Prince Guillaume contre le ban et l'edit du roi d'Espagne (Leiden, 1581) is sometimes attributed to Languet.

To the north of Tres Cruces is a transversal depression in the Cordillera, which is considered to be the southern termination of the high plateau of the Puna de Atacama.

The tres Daciae formed a commune in so far that they had a common capital, Sarmizegethusa, and a common diet, which discussed provincial affairs, formulated complaints and adjusted the incidence of taxation; but in other respects they were practically independent provinces, each under an ordinary procurator, subordinate to a governor of consular rank.

Labiatus), skunk (Mephitis, Spilogale and Conepatus), marten, several species of opossum (including a pigmy species of the Tres Marias islands), sloth, two species of ant-bear (Myrmecophaga tetradactylus and Cyclothurus didactylus), armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), a small arboreal porcupine (Synetheres mexicanus), the kinkajou (Cercoleptes caudivolvulus), three species of deer - the white-tailed Cariacus toltecus, the little black-faced brocket, Coassus rufinus, which is also found in Brazil, and the Sonora deer (Odocoileus couesi) - the Mexican bighorn (Ovis mexicanus) of Chihuahua, at least two species of hare (Lepus calotis and L.

Lying off San Blas in the broad entrance to the Gulf are the Tres Marias, and directly west of Colima, to which it belongs, is the scattered volcanic group of Revillagigedo.

A southern incurving projection of the outer shore-line of this peninsula is known as Tres Montes peninsula, the most southern point of which is a cape of the same name.