Sentence Examples with the word trench coat

The flutter of a black trench coat blended with the dark sky as Gabriel twisted them in midair, so he'd hit back first, with her protected in his arms.

His trench coat was too heavy for her to lift by the time he finished stowing his gear.

This time, there was no mistaking the weapons lining his trench coat or the sword along one thigh.

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He needed a razor and a trench coat to begin feeling normal again.

He faded in and out of shadows, as if he was part of them, the heavy trench coat making him look like some sort of sinister Batman.

The weapons lining his body and tucked into pockets of his trench coat were items of comfort rather than necessity; his hands alone had ended the lives of more humans and Immortals than there were stars in the sky he stared into.

The death dealer sat, his trench coat rustling.

There was a flicker of warmth in his gaze as he teased Katie, and he almost seemed approachable without the bulky trench coat lined with weapons.

His sweater, jeans, and trench coat were all of high quality with his heavy boots dwarfing her feet as hers did Toby's.

He was armed but hadn't yet replaced the trench coat she cost him soon after they met.