Sentence Examples with the word trench

The loss of water by leakage through such joints or fissures below the puddle wall may or may not be a serious matter in itself; but if at any point there is sufficient movement of water across the base of the trench to produce the slightest erosion of the clay above it, that movement almost invariably increases.

He stood in front of the glass French doors of the balcony, taking up the whole space with his massive frame and heavy trench coat.

Another trench dug across the deep indentation to the E.

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But in order to obtain an adequate field of view, the mirrors, and therefore the box, had to be made somewhat large, and in the close-quarters conditions of trench warfare even the few inches by which they projected over the parapet or ether cover made them sufficiently obvious to draw fire.

Pierre looked over the wall of the trench and was particularly struck by a pale young officer who, letting his sword hang down, was walking backwards and kept glancing uneasily around.

He'd laid his trench over the couch, though he still wore boots and gloves.

A cutting, or cut, is simply a trench dug in a hill or piece of rising ground, wide enough at the bottom to accommodate one or more pairs of rails, and deep enough to enable the line to continue its course on the level or on a moderate gradient.

These fortifications, starting from the river, followed the line of the present Elisabeth Street, the Pfikopy or Graben - which therefrom derives its name, signifying ditch or trench - and then that of the Ovocna and Ferdinandova.

Pierre was beyond handsome with his brooding looks, wind-swept blond hair, black clothing, and trench coat.

He needed a razor and a trench coat to begin feeling normal again.