Sentence Examples with the word trek

Hot, hungry, exhausted, she stopped twice on the trek up the hill to catch her breath.

His now aging Trek performed admirably.

The continual feuds with the Kaffirs, and also the continual desire to trek into new countries, all tended to keep back farming, and the country in the years 1867 to 1870 was in a generally very depressed condition.

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After milling about until nearly nine o'clock, the entire group began to trek up to the ice park and, as Claire Quincy put it, view this craziness.

This attitude towards the Kaffirs was one of the many reasons given by the Trek Boers for leaving Cape Colony.

Cana, South Africa from the Great Trek to the Union (1909), a political history covering the period 1836-1909, with bibliography; P. Wlast, Sudafrika; Entwicklungsgeschichte and Gegenwartsbilder (Berlin, 1900); De Geskidenis von ons Land, (Paarl, 1895); W.

Henry Cloete, whose statements as to the causes of the trek were founded on intimate knowledge and are impartially set forth.

Cana, South Africa from the Great Trek to the Union (1909).

She wanted to trek the woods so badly that she had put them both in jeopardy.

Think of how the computer in the Star Trek universe was a purely factual machine.