Sentence Examples with the word treaty port

Above the treaty port of Yo-chow, and between which mart and Han-kow steamers of 500 tons burden run; and (3) Chang-te Fu, on the Yuen-kiang.

The second road runs from the treaty port of Niu-chwang through Mukden to Petuna in the north-western corner of the Kirin province, and thence to Tsitsihar, Mergen and the Amur.

Kiu-kiang, the treaty port of the province, opened to foreign trade in 1861, is on the Yangtsze-kiang, a short distance above the junction of the Po-yang Lake with that river.

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Of the treaty port of Chi-fu and 115 m.

Yo Chow, the treaty port of the province, stands at the outlet of the river Siang into this lake.

The most important commercial place, however, is the treaty port of Niu-chwang, at the head of the Gulf of Liao-tung.