Sentence Examples with the word treasured

Specimens of the distinctive Claddagh ring, for example, were worn and treasured as venerated heirlooms. These customs, with the distinctive dress of the women, died out but slowly, and even to-day their vestiges remain.

This excellent man, whose name and memory will ever be treasured so long as the Welsh tongue survives, began a system of catechizing in the vernacular amongst the children and adults of his own parish.

Thankfully, treasured friendships forged over decades are not easily shaken by nasty innuendo.

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Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.

It is not improbable that with many Jewish enthusiasts this literature was more highly treasured than the canonical scriptures.

Reverently by his side, watched the minutest particulars of his conduct, studied under his direction the ancient history, poetry and rites of their country, and treasured up every syllable which dropped from his lips.

History There is something almost pathetic in the childish wonder and delight with which mankind in its earlier phases of civilization gathered up and treasured stories of strange animals from distant lands or deep seas, such as are recorded in the Physiologus, in Albertus Magnus, and even at the present day in the popular treatises of Japan and China.

It would seem that Helen had learned and treasured the memory of this expression of the poet, and this morning in the snow-storm had found its application.

His crucifix is treasured among the monastic archives, which also contain a charter signed by Peter the Great of Russia (1672-1725).

An ancient stone vessel preserved in a mosque at Kandahar is almost certainly the same that was treasured at Peshawar in the 5th century as the begging pot of SakyaMuni.