Sentence Examples with the word tray

She stared at a tray of meat for a long moment.

As soon as she sat, another woman in similar robes with a flushed face appeared, serving tray in hand.

Megan tossed the ashes, tray and all, into the trash can beside her desk.

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If the electrified tray is touched with the sealing-wax or ebonite rod, it will not be discharged, but if touched with a metal wire, the hand, or a damp thread, it is discharged at once.

Dean put away the groceries and set out a tray of afternoon brownies for the returning guests.

She didn't feel able to handle knowing what kind of food sat under a domed tray or what half-demons like Selyn did for blood.

Brandon scowled at his mother as he handed her the tray of fried chicken.

Katie set the tray on the bed then sat at the foot, leaning against the bed frame.

Cynthia joined him with a tray of sacrificial pork chops awaiting controlled incineration.

He forked a steak off the serving tray and handed the tray to her.