Sentence Examples with the word travesty

In associating St Pelagia with St Marina, St Margaret, and others, of whom either the name or the legend recalls Pelagia, Hermann Usener has endeavoured to show by a series of subtle deductions that this saint is only a Christian travesty of Aphrodite.

Its affectations were burlesqued in Gilbert and Sullivan's travesty Patience (1881), which practically killed by ridicule the absurdities to which it had grown.

Much of the legend is a running travesty of the true history of the conqueror.

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His metaphysic was a travesty rather than a reproduction of that of his master.

Still, Lana wasn't convinced she wanted to discover what lay behind the door after the travesty along the road.

Lui et elle, the rejoinder of the poet's brother Paul de Musset, was even more a travesty of the facts with no redeeming graces of style.