Sentence Examples with the word traveled

In a blink, he'd Traveled there.

Darian collected his two favorite cats then packed a small suitcase and Traveled to the cabin.

His gaze traveled over her face, detecting something that touched his mouth with a slight smile.

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I traveled from Moscow with Prince Vasili.

His gaze traveled over her face and then found her eyes.

Darian Traveled to the portal then leapt through it, pulling them with him.

Plucking it free, he Traveled back to Texas to find the stash of credit cards and identifications Damian kept in the safe in his study.

Darian Traveled to Jonny's, appearing in the Black God's chambers.

She Traveled back to the panoramic window, where her nest of blankets wasn't the only thing waiting for her.

His hands traveled down her arms and settled on her hips, drawing them against his.