Sentence Examples with the word travel

The car receives the traffic and conveys it across the river, being caused to travel by electric machinery on the high level bridge.

The greater part of the year has been spent in travel and in visits to different places, and her lessons have been those suggested by the various scenes and experiences through which she has passed.

Petrovskiy, Old Arabian Journals of Travel (Tashkent, 1894); Russian Encyclopaedic Dictionary, vol.

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Apart from the archaeological value of his work in identifying Kuyunjik as the site of Nineveh, and in providing a great mass of materials for scholars to work upon, these two books of Layard's are among the bestwritten books of travel in the language.

It must also depend on the rate of interchange of molecules, that is to say, (1) on the number passing through each square centimetre per second in either direction, (2) on the average distance to which each can travel before collision (i.e.

Dusty closed his eyes to Travel and opened them, arriving to his favorite room in HQ, the war room.

In 1882 he had another serious illness, with inflammation of the brain; but he recovered sufficiently to travel to his old haunts in France and Italy - his last visit.

In the older books of travel are often found the alternative names for this region, Tooth Coast (Cate des Dents) or Kwa-Kwa Coast, and, less frequently, the Coast of the Five and Six Stripes (alluding to a kind of cotton fabric in favour with the natives).

Visit the Grand Canyon, travel to Scotland, hot air balloon ride.

In order to reply to accusations brought against them, or in order to be confirmed in their functions, they had to travel to the Golden Horde on the Volga or even to the camp of the grand khan in some distant part of Siberia, and the journey was considered so perilous that many of them, before setting out, made their last will and testament and wrote a parental admonition for the guidance of their children.