Sentence Examples with the word trapped

The Atlanta night was muggy and dark; a thin layer of smog trapped the city's light and made the sky glow an eerie yellow-orange.

She brushed one of the frozen women trapped in time on the sidewalk, surprised to feel her warm skin and the brush of the wool suit.

What happened was an accident, and as Carmen had pointed out, it could have happened regardless of who was with her, but she wouldn't have been trapped for hours on a ledge.

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As one of Rhyn's buffers, Toby was as trapped on the beach as he was.

Near the end of her patience trapped in the tiny box of a spacecraft, she shot up when she felt the familiar pressure of them descending.

She rose, bored after being trapped alone the whole day in the condo, and peered through the peephole.

Feeling trapped before hearing his terms, her eyes grew misty.

Shipton swore and began to fumble with his line to rappel again, down to the now injured and trapped form hovering below him.

You said it wasn't scary; at least once you knew you weren't trapped back there; that you could wake up and escape back to reality.

It was the kind of finery she should be wearing, instead of being trapped in rags at the edge of the city.