Sentence Examples with the word transversely

The mass of mercury is thus set in motion owing to the tendency of a conductor conveying an electric current to move transversely across lines of magnetic force; it becomes in fact the armature of a simple form of dynamo, and rotates with a speed which increases with the strength of the current.

Oersted's important discovery was the fact that when a wire joining the end plates of a voltaic pile is held near a pivoted magnet or compass needle, the latter is deflected and places itself more or less transversely to the wire, the direction depending upon whether the wire is above or below the needle, and on the manner in which the copper or zinc ends of the pile are connected to it.

The species resembles a wolf in size, and is greyish-brown in colour, marked with indistinct longitudinal stripes of a darker hue, while the legs are transversely striped.

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Continuous series, with massive, quadrate, transversely ridged or complex crowns--the posterior premolars usually resembling the molars in structure.

The conformation of the wing is such that it presents a waved appearance in every direction - the waves running longitudinally, transversely and obliquely.

The cortex was strongly constructed mechanically; in addition to the strands of fibres at the periphery, horizontal plates of stone-cells were present in the inner cortex, giving both stem and petiole a transversely striated appearance, which has served to identify the different parts of the plant, even in the carbonized condition (cf.

Limopsidae.-Shell orbicular, hinge curved, ligament longer transversely than antero-posteriorly; foot elongate, pointed anteriorly and posteriorly.

The articles are slacked transversely in a furnace, each being packed in granular coke and covered with carborundum.

The seats, holding two persons, are placed transversely on each side of the central passage, and have reversible backs, so that passengers can always sit facing the direction in which the train is travelling.

In colour the sides of the face are puce, and the neck and most of the body purplish, but the buttocks and upper part of both fore and hind limbs are transversely barred with black and white, while their lower portion is mainly white with black fetlock-rings, and in the front pair a vertical black stripe on the anterior surface.