Sentence Examples with the word transmigration

The drberi szabalyzat (feudal prescription) of 1767 restored to the peasants the right of transmigration and, in some respects, protected them against the exactions of their landlords.

In India, the (still unexplained) rise of the doctrine of transmigration hindered belief.

Simon on the doctrine of transmigration as evolved from Exod.

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It is not easy to harmonize these quasi-scientific theories with the theory of transmigration of souls which Empedocles seems to expound.

This belief - the transmigration of the soul, after the death of the body, into other bodies, either of men, beasts or gods - is part of the animistic creed so widely found throughout the world that it was probably universal.

In Tibet a lama (priest) is called in to cut off some hairs from the head of a dying person, in order that his soul may escape through the top of his head, which is deemed an essential condition of a good transmigration (Horace de la Penna, in Bogle and Manning's Travels in Tibet, ed.

Nothing could be more like Plato's Phaedo, or more unlike Aristotle's later work on the Soul, which entirely rejects transmigration and allows the next life to sink into the background.

Curiously, Buddhism itself is ruled by the ghost or shadowy remainder of belief in transmigration - Karma.

It is erroneous, however, to ascribe, as has been done, a doctrine of transmigration to the Manichaeans.

Sikhism mainly differs from Christianity in that it inculcates the transmigration of the soul, and adopts a belief in predestination, which is universal in the East.