Sentence Examples with the word transition

For there are many almost imperceptible stages of transition from the one to the other; and, for all the principal contentions of Ultramontanism, analogies may be found in the past history of the Catholic Church.

Palaeoljthjc Transition Period (Solutr) More highly developed forms are found when the mammoth has succeeded the elephant.

The boreal embraces the highest mountain altitudes; the transition belts it on both sides of the continental divide; the upper Sonoran takes in about the eastern half of the plains region east of the mountains, and is represented further by two small valley penetrations from Utah.

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St Peter's, indeed, is a monument of the history of art, not merely within these 120 years from the zenith of the Renaissance till the transition into Baroque - from Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, to Maderna and Berninibut down to the 19th century, in which Canova and Thorvaldsen erected there the last great papal monuments.

The grounds for this view are the radial symmetry of several Polyclads and the supposed origin of gonads and excretory flame-cells from the walls of gut, the occurrence of nematocysts in Anonymus, one of the most radially constructed Polyclads, and lastly the presence of two peculiar animals Ctenoplana and Coeloplana, which suggests a transition from Ctenophora to Polyclads.

For it involved a transition from the simple nomadic relations to those of the agricultural and more highly civilized Canaanite life.

Normally, Guardians were supposed to ease the transition of Naturals into their organization.

There are in some places vestiges of this primitive state of society still remaining; the transition to a limited or to a despotic monarchy may be traced by means of the ancient legends in some islands, and in others it is a matter of recent history.

Monday was transition day at Bird Song, with the arrival of six new guests to fill three vacated rooms, with only the four Dawkins, Brandon Westlake, and Pumpkin Green staying on.

Death being a transition to a new form of life, the destroyer is really a re-creator, and thus Siva is styled the Bright or Happy One.