Sentence Examples with the word transcribed

Cynthia handed her the latest transcribed pages of the notebook.

With it may be compared the formula transcribed by Dr Burton in his History of Scotland (iii.

All the national songs which he transcribed from the recitations of the bards were written and published by him in that dialect, into which the Bible has also been translated.

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Priest of Lagash, and the high-priest of a neighbouring town, the name of which is provisionally transcribed Gis-ukh (formerly written Gis-ban and confounded with the name of Opis).

His eyesight failed him completely in 1771, but he contrived an ingenious apparatus which enabled him to write so legibly that the result could easily be transcribed by his daughter.

Dean hardly had time to detail their day's activities before Cynthia proudly showed him the transcribed text.

Aong after this date, when all scholars drew mainly from books, the old forms were still kept up. Tabari, for example, when he cites a book expresses himself as if he had heard what he quotes from the master with whom he read the passage or from whose copy he transcribed it.

During his residence in Wales a hyper-Calvinistic work entitled A Body of Divinity; or the Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion, was published under his name by John Downham; and, although he repudiated the authorship in a letter to the editor, stating that the manuscript from which it was printed was merely a commonplace-book into which he had transcribed the opinions of Cartwright and other English divines, often disapproving of them and finding them dissonant from his own judgment, yet it has been persistently cited ever since as Usher's genuine work, and as lending his authority to positions which he had long abandoned, if he ever maintained them.

Fred read the latest transcribed pages of Annie Quincy's journal while the Deans cleaned up the dining room.

Consists of a series of excerpts from the books of Samuel and Kings - sometimes transcribed without substantial change, at other times materially altered in the process - combined with matter, in some cases limited to a verse or two, in others extending to several chapters, contributed by the compiler himself, and differing markedly from the excerpts from the older books both in phraseology and in point of view.