Sentence Examples with the word training

The coles pratiques de commerce et dindustrie for the training of clerks and workmen; private schools controlled by the state, such as the coles supirieures de commerce; certain municipal schools, such as the Industrial Institute of Lille; and private establishments, e.g.

It has tribunals of first instance and of commerce, a board of trade-arbitrators, a chamber of commerce, a lycee and training colleges.

She was told to ascertain the validity of training certificates or plant licenses.

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In spite of his scientific training in philology Lepsius left behind few translations of inscriptions or discussions of the meanings of words: by preference he attacked historical and archaeological problems connected with the ancient texts, the alphabet, the metrology, the names of metals and minerals, the chronology, the royal names.

This deficiency must be attributed partly to failing light and an inferior horizon but also to the fact that the ships had had scant opportunity for training and their firecontrol equipment was poor.

South of Vryburg, at Tiger Kloof, is an Industrial Training Institute for natives founded in 1904 by the London Missionary Society.

It can hardly be expected that zebras and bontequaggas fresh from their native mountains and plains can be brought into competition as beasts of burden and draught with horses and asses, whose useful qualities have been augmented by the training of thousands of generations of progenitors.

Among charitable state-aided institutions are the St Margaret's hospital (Roman Catholic), Bethany hospital (Methodist), a children's home (1893), and, for negroes, the Douglass hospital training school for nurses (1898)-the last the largest private charity of the state.

Of far greater importance not only to Congregationalism but also to the future of the American colonies was the care taken by the settlers to provide adequate training for their ministers.

The ten men who make the 48,000 pins a day could not, simply by dividing the labor further or training even harder, increase that to 480,000.