Sentence Examples with the word trailer

Imagine you live in a large trailer park and you have four young children.

Everyone you know lives in the trailer park and they all have about the same level of income.

One day, a tornado comes, lifts up your trailer with everyone in it, flies it around the world to the poorest nation on earth, and drops it in the middle of the village.

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Together they had hurried to Janet O'Brien's trailer in hopes of catching Donnie before he wandered unexpectedly into the macabre turmoil his mother had caused in her violent exit from life.

While the distance to her aunt's trailer was only a half dozen blocks, once the January sun had retired after its day's work, it would be a cold walk.

Electricity (hmm, I guess the trailer was solar powered), a refrigerator, air conditioning.

Hopping into the cab he turned the truck around, expertly backing the trailer into the spot she had indicated.