Sentence Examples with the word traditionalist

He was a scholar of the traditionalist Bukhari, and in his search for traditions travelled through Khorasan, Irak and Hejaz.

But in Eckhart the attitude of the churchman and traditionalist is entirely abandoned.

As an orthodox traditionalist Origen holds that Christianity is a practical and religious saving principle, that it has unfolded itself in an historical series of revealing facts, that the church has accurately embodied the substance of her faith in the regula fidei, and that simple faith is sufficient for the renewal and salvation of man.

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As a theologian, in fact, Origen is not merely an orthodox traditionalist and believing exegete, but a speculative philosopher of Neo-Platonic tendencies.

A century later Maimonides was to give a new turn to Jewish thought, by the assimilation of Aristotelianism with Mosaism, but Rashi was a traditionalist pure and simple.