Sentence Examples with the word tracking

In all his years, he'd known one Immortal with the unrivaled gifts of not only tracking demons in the mortal realm but manipulating the minds of Immortals and mortals.

An investigator, pledging himself to no beliefs - even perhaps one who definitely disbelieves and rejects theism - may yet interest himself in tracking out the psychology of religion.

The local intelligence collection team is having a problem tracking his vamps.

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Xander hadn't survived multiple wars and White Gods tracking him, only to let a teenager fuck him over.

When cubbing begins, a start is made at 4 or 5 A.M., and then the system is adopted of tracking the cub by his drag.

She'd removed her personal identifiers, hacked into the government's tracking mainframe to deactivate the implant in her brain, and changed into the black tactical uniform Elise brought her over her civilian grays.

The Grey God was known as the Gatekeeper, the God responsible for tracking and managing the immortals in the human realm.

She was terrified to ask, especially after his comment about GPS tracking her.

The site is helpful in tracking the status of our tips because they keep asking questions until they get answers.

He traveled for a day and slid beneath the radars of Qatwal easily, having stolen the codes needed to jam their tracking systems during one of his scuffles with Kisolm.