Sentence Examples with the word traced

On the Avon in Wiltshire and the Churn in Gloucestershire they may be traced back to Roman times.

It has simply been traced as far as the formation of a diblastula which acquires a ciliated band, and becomes a nearly spherical trochosphere.

They can be traced by cullet heaps and broken-down furnaces, and by their names, often mutilated, recorded in parish registers.

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The earlier foot is continually to be traced in other megalithic remains, whereas the later very seldom occurs (25).

A considerable evolution in complexity can be traced in passing from the simplest forms of xylem and phloem found in the primary vascular tissues both among Pteridophytes and Phanerogams to these highly differentiated types.

Similarly, early forms of the crustacean sub-class Merostomata have been traced to the pre-Cambrian of North America.

LOUIS CAPPEL (1585-1658), French Protestant divine and scholar, a Huguenot whose descent is traced above, was born at St Elier, near Sedan, in 1585.

His warm fingers released her shoulders and traced their way up her neck, cupping her jaws in his hands.

The development of the immanence theory of God has coincided with the deeper recognition of the essentially spiritual nature of deity as contrasted with the older semi-pagan conception found very largely in the Old Testament of God as primarily a mighty ruler, obedience to, whom is comparable with that of a subject to an absolute monarch: the idea of the dignity of man in virtue of his immediate relation with God may be traced in great measure to the humanist movement of the 14th and 15th centuries (cf.

The most remarkable was the destruction of a brazen serpent, the cult of which was traditionally traced back to the time of Moses (Num.