Sentence Examples with the word toyed

Alex had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes that toyed with the smile on his lips.

He savored and toyed with her simultaneously, daring her to unleash the desire burning through her body.

Troubled, she toyed with the necklace around her throat.

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He'd taught her a few things during the two weeks he toyed with her, among them, how to combine her flexibility and speed into something more lethal.

He toyed with her since she arrived and unapologetically played the part of the egotistical, chauvinistic pig he was.

Whereas Gabriel was willing to give-and-take, Darkyn toyed with her and demanded submission in exchange for controlled pleasure.

The five barbarians toyed with Sami and inflicted him with wounds meant to disable and bleed him, to prolong the match without killing him.