Sentence Examples with the word tower

Joining the Atlantic between Royan and the Pointe de Grave, opposite the tower of Cordouan.

Opposite the cathedral is a very fine round tower 100 ft.

Of the public buildings the city hall (erected 1868-1871), overlooking the Campus Martius, is in Renaissance style, in three storeys; the flagstaff from the top of the tower reaches a height of 200 ft.

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Among interesting ancient buildings may be mentioned the palace within the fort, containing an armoury and fine library; and the Brihadiswaraswami temple, of the r rth century, enclosed in two courts, surmounted by a lofty tower and including the exquisitely decorated shrine of Subrahmanya.

Besides a number of handsome modern churches, among which is a Roman Catholic cathedral, Portsmouth possesses, in the church of St Thomas a Becket, a fine cruciform building dating from the second half of the 12th century, in which the chancel and transepts are original, but the nave and tower date from 1698, and the whole was extensively restored in 1904.

There was an idea of using suspension chains combined with a girder, and in fact the tower piers were built so as to accommodate chains.

Only a few of the principal ones can be mentioned: - the Custom House, the Royal Exchange, Marlborough House, Buckingham House, and the Hall of the College of Physicians - now destroyed; others which exist are - at Oxford, the Sheldonian theatre, the Ashmolean museum, the Tom Tower of Christ Church, and Queen's College chapel; at Cambridge, the library of Trinity College and the chapel of Pembroke, the latter at the cost of Bishop Matthew Wren, his uncle.

A lofty tower serves as the principal lighthouse of the port and also as a clock-tower.

The parish church of St Uny, of which only the tower is ancient (Perpendicular), stands outside the town to the west, at the foot of a rugged hill named Cam Brea.

From Enniskillen (q.v.), with its ruined abbey, round tower and cross.