Sentence Examples with the word tours

On the death of Odo I., Fulk seized Tours (996); but King Robert the Pious turned against him and took the town again (997).

Lobell, Gregor von Tours and seine Zeit (2nd ed., Leipzig, 1868); G.

I thought maybe we could have guided tours and maybe camp out at night.

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Nominalism was a doctrine of sceptics and suspected heretics, such as Berengar of Tours and Roscellinus.

Hegel's letters to his wife, written during his solitary holiday tours to Vienna, the Netherlands and Paris, breathe of kindly and happy affection.

Smyth's record of this great family shows that, from the middle of the r3th century onwards, the lords were not only statesmen and warriors, but still more distinguished as gentlemen-farmers on a great scale, even selling fruit from the castle gardens, while their ladies would go round on tours of inspection from dairy to dairy.

The pilgrim age with a predetermined goal was not recognized by the books of penance; but, in 1059, Peter Damiani imposed a pilgrimage to Rome or Tours on the clerics of Milan, whom he had absolved (Ada mediol.

He took up the task with the greatest zeal, although Berengar had been his personal friend; he was the protagonist of orthodoxy at the councils of Vercelli (1050), Tours (1054) and Rome (1059).

I'll take you on tours into the areas where we most often see the animals, but they are not kept in cages, so I can't guarantee you will see any specific animal on every tour.

The French tours modeles were somewhat similar to the Martello towers; their chief use was to serve as keeps to unrevetted works.