Sentence Examples with the word touched

A smile touched the corners of his mouth and played in the laugh lines beside his eyes.

She touched his jaw with cold fingertips, and the bond between them opened.

Then she carried the doll upstairs and put it on the top shelf of the wardrobe, and she has not touched it since.

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She knelt and touched the letters.

As often as he touched the charcoal to the smooth board, the picture grew.

His fingers touched her chin and slid down her throat, exploring their way down to her bodice.

Xander knew the effect he had on women; they tended to be compelled towards him then melted when he touched them.

Color touched his cheeks and his brows arched.

If whilst holding the ebonite sheet over the tray the latter is also touched with an insulated brass ball, then this ball when removed and tested with the electroscope will be found to be negatively electrified.

They touched the summits of daring and devotion, if they also sank into the deep abysms of shame.