Sentence Examples with the word totally

At Manzikert, on the Murad Tchai, north of Lake Van, he was met by Alp Arslan; and the sultan having proposed terms of peace, which were scornfully rejected by the emperor, a battle took place in which the Greeks, after a terrible slaughter, were totally routed, a result due mainly to the rapid tactics of the Turkish cavalry.

The bast fibres of Cannabis are the hemp of commerce, but, unfortunately, the products from many totally different plants are often included under the general name of hemp. In some cases the fibre is obtained from the stem, while in others it comes from the leaf.

There was time for quiet evenings, some jazz and classical music in the Dean's quarters, country and western in Fred's and some totally incomprehensible noise from the small room where Martha Boyd and her boom box now dwelt.

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He was in a place, emotionally, that was totally foreign, and he couldn't begin to predict how this night would unfold.

In 1536 it was almost totally destroyed by fire, and in 1654 largely ruined by the explosion of a powder magazine.

Almond's brilliant characterization and ability to evoke atmosphere, time and place mixes the real and unreal in a totally believable way.

Whitefield's printed works convey a totally inadequate idea of his oratorical powers, and are all in fact below mediocrity.

We totally enjoyed our exhilarating trek to the summit.

The vegetation in the marshy bottoms of the ravines and in the valleys of the streams and rivers is totally different.

Then you were drunk, Howie was trying to deal with his mother and frankly, I believed Julie was totally remorseful over what she did.