Sentence Examples with the word total expenditure

By economies and new taxes Sella had reduced the deficit to less than 2,000,000 in 1871, but for 1872 he found himself confronted with a total expenditure of 8,ooo,ooo in excess of revenue.

Although the postal rates are high, the service is not self-sustaining, the receipts for 1904 being 7, 01 8,344 milreis, against a total expenditure of 10,099,545 milreis.

The total expenditure for the schools is creditable to the state; but before 1909 hardly half the school population attended; and in general the rural conditions of the state, the shortness of the school terms and the dependence of the schools primarily upon local funds and local supervision, make the schools of inadequate and quite varying excellence.

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Poor Law.-The following table gives the numbers in receipt of indoor and outdoor relief (exclusive of persons in institutions for the blind, deaf and dumb, and for idiots and imbeciles) in the years 1902-1905, together with the total expenditure for relief of the poor: The average daily number in receipt of relief of all kinds (except outdoor relief) during the same years was as follows: 1902, 41,163; 1903, 43, 600; 1904, 43,7 21; 1905, 43,9 11.

During the three years 1899-1902 the total expenditure on famine relief amounted to about four millions sterling.