Sentence Examples with the word total

The bulk of the cotton is of very short staple, about three-quarters of an inch, and is not well suited to the requirements of the English spinner, but very large mills specially fitted to deal with short-stapled cottons have been erected in India and consume about one-half the total crop, the remainder being exported to Germany and other European countries, Japan and China.

The old province, stretching widely across the valley of the Ganges from the frontier of Nepal to the hills of Chota Nagpur, corresponds to the two administrative divisions of Patna and Bhagalpur, with a total area of 44,197 sq.

Twenty-one rubles, he said, pointing to the figure twenty-one by which the total exceeded the round sum of forty-three thousand; and taking up a pack he prepared to deal.

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If the extraneous forces are n equilibrium the total work which they would perform in any such displacement would be zero, since they reduce to a zero force and a zero couple.

Here clastic rocks predominate, while limestone is more abundant in the interior, If the maximum thicknesses of all Devonian formations be added together, the total for the system is as much as 15,000 ft.; but such a thickness is not found in any one pluce.

A large proportion of the total acreage (288) of the Gardens is monopolized by the arboretum.

The islands, inclusive of rocks and reefs, exceed loo in number and have a total area of 650o sq.

The total personnel of the armee de mer in 1909 Is given as 56,800 officers and men.

The length of the state from north to south, disregarding the St Francis projection southward, is 282 m., 1 the width from west to east varies from 208 to 308 m., and the total area is 69,420 sq.

The North at first took arms simply to maintain the Union; but the farsighted politicians from the first, and soon the whole nation, saw that the real issue was the continued existence or the total abolition of slavery.