Sentence Examples with the word toss

Harrigan was usually Dean's partner but Dean was content to work alone often, while Harrigan was happy to pick up odd chores the other more senior detectives would toss his way.

She slipped into a pair of white sandals and grabbed her purse, giving her long curls a toss to send them cascading down her back instead of tickling her shoulders.

The WWW news was either negative or tardy because each took turns bickering at the other until Dean was ready to toss the entire family.

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She started to toss the letter aside, and then something made her read on.

Plus, I wouldn't trust Arthur as far as I could toss him and if he screws around with this he could get someone killed.

I broke his arm before he could toss the match.

My lawyer wanted to toss him from the panel but I insisted he stay.

He watched her grab the hourglass and toss it in the air.

His team continued to clear the building and toss flares into corners as they sought out any living insurgents or incendiary devices.

I go to bed after two in the morning, thoughts come and I can't sleep but toss about till dawn, because I think and can't help thinking, just as he can't help plowing and mowing; if he didn't, he would go to the drink shop or fall ill.