Sentence Examples with the word torre

Pancrazio and the Torre dell' Elefante, and which became the seat of the Aragonese government.

The Sala de los Ambajadores (Hall of the Ambassadors) is the largest in the Alhambra, and occupies all the Torre de Comares.

Remains attributed to the Roman poststation of Oplontis were discovered in making the railway between Torre del Greco and Torre Annunziata, a little west of the latter, in 1842.

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He lived in La Torre till his death in 1862, and the name of the English benefactor is still revered by the simple folk of the valleys.

Invested James II., the king of Aragon, with Sardinia; but it was not until 1323 that he attempted its conquest, nor until 1326 that the Pisans were finally driven out of Cagliari, which they had fortified in 1305-1307 by the construction of the Torre di S.

There are some remains of Tor or Torre Abbey, founded for Praemonstratensians by William, Lord Brewer, in 1196.

The town preserves some scanty remains of the walls (dating from the end of the 13th century), by which it was surrounded, and two gates, the Porta Manna, surmounted by a lofty square tower, known also as the Torre S.

The tower is the highest in the town (174 ft.), while the Torre dell' Orologio (167 ft.) close by marks the height beyond which private individuals might not build.

The medieval Torre Boacciana marks approximately the mouth of the river in Roman times.

At least Dean had heard of Quebec, the Alps, and France, but locations and climbs like Cerro Torre in Patagonia (the place, not the clothing), Frankenjura, Orizaba and Cayambe were places he never knew existed.