Sentence Examples with the word topping

Russians, with experience in beet-growing, and Japanese are furnished by the sugar company to the growers for the bunching, thinning, hoeing and topping of the beets.

The buttes are characteristically Arikaree or Gering formations topping Brule clay.

High with a circular cupola topping a square building 90 ft.

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When Alex came home that evening, Jonathan was in his room painting and Destiny was topping off her nap.

Sometimes they fancied they had got within the topping walls of the maze, and might hope to gain the point whence survey could be made of the whole; but as often they found themselves, in a moment, where they stood at last and at first - outside.

In this part of its course the rocky sides of the valley, which sometimes closely approach the river, are composed of marls and gypsum, with occasional selenite, overlaid with sandstone, with a topping of breccia or conglomerate, and rise at places to a height of 200 ft.