Sentence Examples with the word topped

Thick; then succeeded a portion wholly of brick, terminating in battlements topped with copings of stone.

Along each edge of the river and following its course has been erected an earthen embankment high enough not to be topped by the highest floods.

While the colours on the metopes and triglyphs had faded somewhat, the border above them, topped with a cornice projecting 6 in., retained a most brilliant maeander pattern of red, blue and yellow, while below these were two bands of godroons of blue and red.

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They rode up a long slope and topped out, overlooking a small fenced-in valley.

The leaf directly opposite the bunch must in all cases be preserved, and the young shoot is to be topped at one or two joints beyond the incipient fruit, the latter distance being preferable if there is plenty of room for the foliage to expand; the lateral shoots, which will push out after the topping, must be again topped above their first or second joints.

Her pink shorts were slung below a belly that topped her husband's in grandeur.

The dining room table is cherry and topped with fresh flowers in a crystal bowl.

Her brilliant hair topped a freckled face and mile-wide smile.

Several times during summer the trees ought to be regularly examined, and the young shoots respectively topped or thinned out; those that remain are to be nailed to the wall, or braced in with pieces of slender twigs, and the trees ought occasionally to be washed with the garden engine or thoroughly syringed, especially during very hot summers.

I couldn't tell if the look he gave me was incredulity or concern but he grabbed my arm and led me outside where a suited man who must have topped six foot five was walking toward us.