Sentence Examples with the word topographic

From 1810 to 1812 he travelled in France, Switzerland and Italy, and on his return to Paris published an Essai critique sur la topographic de Syracuse (1812), designed to elucidate Thucydides.

The Blue Ridge escarpment, a striking topographic feature in Virginia and the Carolinas, extends into Georgia along the north-eastern border of this belt, but is less strongly developed here than elsewhere, dying out entirely towards the south-west.

Four floral regions lying in north to south belts across the state, and closely corresponding to - though in boundaries by no means coinciding with - its great topographic divisions are distinguished in the regions of the Missouri border, the prairies, sand-hills and foot-hills.

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The' four topographic belts of the state correspond very closely to the outcrops of its geological formations; the rocks of the Appalachian belt being of Palaeozoic age; the formation of the Highlands, Archaean; that of the Triassic Lowland, Triassic; that of the irregular hills of the Coastal Plain, Cretaceous and Tertiary.

Lupus, Topographic von Syrakus (Strassburg, 1887); P. Orsi, in Atti del congresso di scienze storiche, v.

Of the Catskills, although including only a small portion of the state, there are a number of different topographic features, due to the belts of different rock structure which cross the state from S.W.

A topographic map (i: 126,000) embracing the whole of western Russia, with Poland and the country of the Don Cossacks, is designed to be extended over the whole empire.

This region presents no striking topographic features except the numerous small lakes which occupy the hollows created by the continental ice-sheet.