Sentence Examples with the word topic

The Letters are models of graceful thought and refined expression, each of them dealing with a single topic and generally ending with an epigrammatic point.

Hopefully he would have no regrets on that topic either.

The numerous Letters of Cyprian are not only an important source for the history of church life and of ecclesiastical law, on account of their rich and manifold contents, but in large part they are important monuments of the literary activity of their author, since, not infrequently, they are in the form of treatises upon the topic in question.

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The outbreak of the Boer War in October 1899 was followed in New Zealand by a prompt display of general and persistent warlike enthusiasm: politics ceased to be the chief topic of interest; the general election of 1899 was the most languid held for fifteen years.

While thus engaged no topic is too large for his mental grasp, none too small for his notice; and, what is still rarer, every topic is seen in its due relation to the rest.

The actual values of the topic parameters can then readily be expressed in terms of the elements of the crystals (the axial ratios and angles), the density, and the molecular weight (see Groth, Physikalische Krystallographie, or Chemical Crystallography).

Dean knew the old man was itching to raise the more important topic of Jerome Shipton's death.

But that would only mislead us; free will and immortality are really predicates ascribed - on whatever grounds - to the soul; and it is natural that in theism the soul of man should be a topic second in importance only to God Himself.

He raised the topic as much to take Cynthia's mind off Martha's departure as from any serious concern about the old man.

No public man of his time was more fitted to act as unofficial national orator; none more happy in the touches with which he could adorn a social or literary topic and charm a nonpolitical audience; and on occasion he wrote as well as he spoke.