Sentence Examples with the word top

Sometimes scarcely so much - before the top is nipped out; and this must be continued until the desired size is attained, whether that be large or small.

The baum and stone martens caught in France, the north of Turkey and Norway are of the same family, but coarser in underwool and the top hair is less in quantity and not so silky.

I could have really put the hyperbole into top gear and said that you would not take mental health reform seriously.

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He followed her up a jumble of rocks to the top of the ridge.

In bottom booms and diagonals, 6 o tons in top booms, 5.

He emphasized the opinion that yeast derived from one cell was of no good for top fermentation, and advocated Pasteur's method of purification.

In the Celtic tonsure (tonsure of St John, or, in contempt, tonsure of Simon Magus) all the hair in front of a line drawn over the top of the head from ear to ear was shaven (a fashion common among the Hindus).

True coniferous trees (Walchia) do appear at the top of the coal measures.

The top of the oak table showed the unusual grain that was caused by the gnarl in the oak tree's trunk.

High; the network baluster round the top is modern.