Sentence Examples with the word tonus

A prominent and practically important illustration of neural tonus is given by the skeletal muscles.

The muscles become less tense than in their waking state: their tonus is diminished, the upper eyelid falls, and the knee-jerk is in abeyance.

Striped muscles possessing an autochthonous tonus appear to be the various sphincter muscles.

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Thus the tonus of the motor neurons of the spinal cord is much lessened by rupture of the great afferent root cells which normally play upon them.

It is with the neural element of muscle tonus that tendon phenomena are intimately associated.

It is a muscular tonus of central source consequent on the continual glow of excitement in the spinal motor neuron, whose outgoing end plays upon the muscle cells, whose ingoing Yet when the muscular contraction is taken as index ology.