Sentence Examples with the word tonnage

It consisted in 1905 of 434 vessels with a tonnage of 91,784 tons and with crews of 2 359 persons.

Ships, whose tonnage was estimated at the amount of grain they could carry, were continually hired for the transport of all kinds of goods.

The total tonnage in foreign trade entering and leaving in 1907 was 5,148,429 tons; and in the same year 9616 coasting vessels (tonnage, 10, 261,474) arrived in Boston.

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It has two large piers, alongside of which vessels of almost any tonnage can lie.

From two reports printed by the Scottish Burgh Record Society in 1881, it appears that the number of vessels belonging to the principal ports - Leith, Dundee, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy and Montrose - in 1656 was 58, the tonnage being 3140, and that by 1692 they had increased to 97 of 5905 tons.

Manila is important chiefly for its commerce, and to make it the chief distributing point for American goods consigned to Eastern markets the American government undertook the harbour improvements, and abolished the tonnage dues levied under Spanish rule.

Shipping.The following table thhows the increase in tonnage of sailing and steam shipping engaged in foreign trade entered and cleared at the ports of France over quinquennial periods from 1890.

In the decline that followed the Civil War an apparent minimum was reached of 4,068,034 tons in 188o; but this does not adequately indicate the depression of the, shipping interest, inasmuch as the aggregate was kept up by the tonnage of vessels engaged in the coasting trade and commerce of the inland waters, from which foreign shipping is by law excluded.

In 1898 the list comprised only 1416 sailing vessels of all classes, from Io tons up, with a total tonnage of 118,894 tons, and 222 steamships, of 36,323 tons.

The total number of arrivals and departures during 1904-1905 was 3027 vessels with an average tonnage of 3734.