Sentence Examples with the word ton

His dramatic work includes La Lepreuse (1896); Ton Sang and L'Enchantement (1900); Le Masque and Resurrection (1902); Maman Colibri (1904); La Marche Nuptiale (1905); Poliche (1906); Les Flambeaux (1912); Le Phalene (1913).

The following diagram, modified from one by Grimshaw, in accordance with the results obtained by the better class of modern mills, gives an interesting resume of the products obtained from a ton of cotton seed: - Products from a Ton of Cotton Seed.

Curie obtained only a fraction of a gramme of the chloride and Giesel 2 to 3 gramme of the bromide from a ton of uranium residues.

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For the Fitchburg Railroad the rate for that year was 4.523 cents per ton per mile, since when a great and almost continuous fall has been taking place, until in 1897, I Valuable information will also be found in Bulletin No.

Gauge weighed at most 35 to 45 tons, and their length between buffers was such that the average load did not exceed 1 ton per foot run.

For a long time these shells or hulls, as they are called, were burned at oil mills for fuel, 22 tons being held equal to a cord of wood, and 43 tons to a ton of coal.

The reason why the frictional resistance would be further increased is the very simple one that the increase in the rate of production implies directly a corresponding increase in the quantity of blast forced through, and hence in the velocity of the rising gases, because the chemical work of the blast furnace needs a certain quantity of blast for each ton of iron made.

In the 1895 show, out of 356 entries of cattle, there were seven beasts of more than a ton in weight.

Possibility ibility of water of ti gas per ton of coke used in the Dellwik generator as against 34,000 to 45,000 cub.

The latest year given, the rate had declined to 870 of a cent per ton per mile.