Sentence Examples with the word tome

Boutaric, Examen des sources du Speculum historiale de Vincent de Beauvais (Paris, 1863), and in tome xvii.

Documents with notes (1783); Codex diplomaticus Neerlandicus, tome i.

The tome was far heavier than she expected, made of something much different than cardboard and paper.

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Trabut, L'Algerie; le sol et les habitants (Paris, 1898), specially valuable for agriculture and fauna; Arthur Girault, Principes de colonisation et de legislation coloniale, Tome iii.

P. Migne in the Patrologia Latina, tome cxli.

To Jan Tome on the Bay of Concepcion.

The Diccionario Geografico-Historico de Espana, tome i., ii.

The Bibliotheca rerum Germanicarum, tome iv., edited by Ph.

They are printed in the Monumenta Germaniae, leges, tome i.

P. Migne, Patrologiae cursus completus, tome 206 (Paris, 1855), 867 ff.; further sources in Neues Archiv fiir die altere deutsche Geschichtskunde, 2.218; II.