Sentence Examples with the word tolerate

Silently, he began to think he wasn't going to tolerate the ghost in his house long enough for him to figure out what was going on.

Although the civil rights were conferred upon the freedmen, Congress would not tolerate the political incapacity and social inferiority which the legislature had assigned to them, and therefore Georgia was placed under military government, as part of the third military district, by the Reconstruction Act of the 2nd of March 1867.

Internally it is useful in certain forms of dyspepsia, but as some patients are quite unable to tolerate the drug, it must always be administered in very small doses at first, the quantity being slowly increased as tolerance is shown.

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No wonder Gabe hated her one day and tried hard to tolerate her the next.

Provision was made; and Napoleon refused to tolerate the presence of unsalaried clerics on whom the government had no hold.

It was one thing to have him bark at and disapprove of her, but she wasn't going to tolerate him being short with the children.

English moral philosophy cannot long tolerate a metaphysics which by merging all minds in one would destroy personality, personal causation and moral responsibility, as James Martineau well said.

A crisis was evidently imminent, for Portugal would not tolerate an absentee sovereign who was far more Brazilian than Portuguese.

I do not think Americans would tolerate widespread, untreated hunger in this nation as long as it could afford otherwise.

There's one creature who can tolerate you, and that's me.