Sentence Examples with the word toast

She dropped the piece of toast and darted out the front door, locking it behind her.

The next morning Molly beat us awake by enough time for her to make oatmeal and toast and hand deliver it to our bed.

He found a bottle of scotch and insisted we toast our success.

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Cynthia buttered her toast while Dean dribbled orange blossom honey on three leftover rolls from last night's supper.

In alliance with the Lucanians the Bruttii made war on the Greek colonies of the toast and seized on Vibo in 356 B.C., and, though for a time overcome by the Greeks who were aided by Alexander of Epirus and Agathocles of Syracuse, they reasserted their mastery of the town from about the beginning of the 3rd century B.C., and held it until it became a Latin colony at the end of the same century (see Corp. Inscr.

I would like to ask everyone to raise their glass in a toast to my sister and her new husband, Sarah and Connor; a pair who complement each other perfectly.

The Deans were up at the first pink of dawn, but they didn't beat Fred O'Connor, who had already perked coffee, cracked eggs, and burned toast for their morning breakfast.

He tasted the toast and nodded approvingly.

As Dean smeared his whole-wheat toast with a coating of peanut butter, Fred poured the coffee, a sure sign he was looking for a favor.

Quinn asked over oatmeal and raison toast on Saturday morning.