Sentence Examples with the word to the limit

The northern sides and tops of the lower heights are often covered with dense forests of oak, cork, pine, cedar and other trees, with walnuts up to the limit of irrigation.

The successive terms of the sequence in that case were formed by successive additions of terms of a series; the series is then also said to converge to the limit which is the limit of the sequence.

He at once brought his second line back to oppose them, but while he was doing so the French leader filled up the gap between himself and the frontal assailants by posting infantry around Wagnelee, and also guns on the neighbouring hill whence their fire enfiladed both halves of the enemy's army up to the limit of their ranging power.

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From its mouth to the limit of navigability from the sea the river is in British territory; above that point it flows through French territory.

The South American bamboo (Bambusa guadia) has a very wide range, and is found nearly up to the limit of perpetual snow.

The systems of guarantee above described are clearly faulty, since theoretically the railway company which ran no trains at all would, up to the limit of its guarantee, make the largest profits.

The approach to the limit will therefore be by a series of jumps, each of which, however small, will be finite; i.e.