Sentence Examples with the word to order

At Kandern, on the 10th of April, he made a vain effort to persuade the leaders to submit, and was about to order his troops to attack when he was mortally wounded by the bullets of the insurgents.

El Motamid, who had fought bravely, was weak enough to order his sons to surrender the fortresses they still held, in order to save his own life.

The functions of the priesthood are of this kind: - To exercise a systematic direction over education; to hold a consultative influence over all the important acts of actual life, public and private; to arbitrate in cases of practical conflict; to preach sermons recalling those principles of generality and universal harmony which our special activities dispose us to ignore; to order the due classification of society; to perform the various ceremonies appointed by the founder of the religion.

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He couldn't Travel yet, or even use his telepathy to order someone to come get him, so he jogged along the highway towards the heart of Miami, fuming in the early morning fog.

Encouraged by safety and adulation in England; grasping at the Tudor ideal of kingship, determined to reduce to order the kirk from which XXIV.

The inhabitants of the last-named islands were noted pirates until reduced to order by the French.

Upper Burma was formally annexed on the 1st of January 1886, and the work of restoring the country to order and introducing settled government commenced.

Five marshals of France served under the king in this enterprise, but their advice was of less value than that of Vauban, whose plans the king followed implicitly, even so far as to order an assault de vive force against the unanimous opinion of the marshals.

Fatigued, overwhelmed, Deidre was unable to summon the physical strength to move or the willpower to order him away.

Small military expeditions had constantly to be employed to break up slave-raiding gangs or reduce to order tribes which blocked trade routes or made war on other tribes living peaceably under British protection.